Suzie Carley

Conscientiously Fashioned Womenswear

Launching a new sleepwear collection soon.

What to wear each day is a personal and sometimes difficult and rushed decision based on influencers such as the weather, your plans and mood.  For many of us, we have a struggle with sleepwear too!  As a ‘mature’ fashion designer, with a passion for caring about people and the planet, my mission is to prioritise the needs of all mature women.  If you experience symptoms of menopause and/or chronic health conditions or you are simply seeking stylish comfort, we are here to help you enjoy your day and sleep more soundly.        


We design with you in mind!  Using soft, natural, fabrics,

with flexibility that responds to your changing body. 

If you are a non-standard size you can order separates. We also make to measure.